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Online Introduction to Colour Consultation

If you are unable to get to me, or given the current situation we are unable to meet face to face, for a consultation in person I now offer an online assessment service. 

The introductory session will be in the format of a 1hr zoom session, where I will talk you through the tonal colour system, and most importantly what your dominant colouring is. I will ask you to send me some good clear pictures of yourself before our online meeting, set yourself up in the best light and have some of your favourite, and least favourite coloured tops or scarves to hand so I can see you with them. 


I will show you your 30 dominant colours and we will talk about how you will wear them. I will also pick out and show you the colours from your palette that are on trend this season.


After the session I will post you your wallet of 30 fabric swatches, and of course be available for any ongoing questions.


The cost of the session is £90


(There is then the option of attending in person to learn

your second and tertiary characteristics, additional 12

colours, be draped in all 42 of your colours so we can

assess your wow colours and combinations and have a

full makeup application at a later date, which is an

additional 90 minute session for £90).


Colour Analysis Consultation

Wearing the right colours will instantly make you look fresher, brighter and younger. Friends and family will comment on how well you look and will wonder what your secret is! Knowing what colours suit you will make shopping simple and you will be amazed how many lovely colours and shades are available that will make you look and feel fabulous. 

During a colour analysis consultation I will advise you on what colours will best suit you, based on your hair, skin and eye colour. You will learn all about your dominant and accent colours and how to combine them to make the most of yourself and your clothes. We will also discuss and apply makeup to make the most of your natural colouring. You will leave the session looking fabulous and with the confidence to shop and dress yourself in the correct colours to make the very best of your natural self.

Duration2  hours

Take aways: A personalised wallet containing fabric swatches of your 42 best colours, which are perfect for keeping in your bag, and the high quality fabric means matching to clothing items is easy.

Price: £180 or bring a friend for £165 each**

Colour Review

If you had your colours done some time ago, either by Colour me Beautiful or any other company and yu feel they are no longer quite right for you then a colour review is the session for you.

This session is run in much the same way as a full colour analysis. After we have reviewed your current swatches and worked through your updated 42 colours, you then have he option to buy all or part of your  new wallet.

Duration 1.5-2 hours

Price: £125 (full set of new swatches and wallet £55)**

** If you would prefer for any of my sessions to take place in your home rather than mine, then I am happy to do so, and charge a flat rate of £25 towards my travel and time.