Confidence Membership

Would you like your own personal stylist?

Do you need to break out of your comfort zone and have new ideas?

Want some new items, but hate trawling the internet and shops?

This is exactly what you will get when you join my Confidence Membership service where you will benefit from:

  • An introductory, and then twice yearly, personal zoom call with me so that I can find out all about you, your colour and style preferences and shopping habits.

  • A monthly email into your inbox which will contain 3 items which I have shopped for specifically for you. Unlike other online style services there are no algorithms here, this is a totally bespoke service.

  • Bonus content which will include trend information, offers & style tips.

All this for just £25 per month, or £250 a year.


The small print;

  • Membership works on a quarterly basis to follow the seasons, there is a minimum sign up of 3 months at a time, with quarterly payment. Payment will need to clear before membership commences.

  • There is no obligation to continue beyond the 1st quarter and opt out is possible at the end of any quarter.

  • You can change to annual membership at anytime to benefit from the 2 free months. The year will start from the point of upgrade onwards, and will not be backdated to cover previous individual quarterly membership.