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As we age, our bodies change shape, and for many of us, that means carrying weight around our middle. In fact one of the most common body shape of 50+ women is a Rectangle. Lean columns may find that they become less 'lean' and hourglasses loose their waist definition.

The rectangle is defined by:

little or no waist definition

a straight up and down figure

flat bottom

may carry weight around the middle

It's certainly requires a different way of dressing and one of the most difficult things to get right is knitwear, as 'bulk' is not your friend.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when you're shopping for knits:

1) Stay away from figure hugging jumpers, particularly if you're wearing skinny or straight-leg jeans.

2) Watch the chunky knits. They will add bulk around your middle.

3) Asymmetric hemlines are excellent at tricking the eye and taking the focus from your troublesome areas.

4) Jumpers that are longer at the back are very flattering. They cover 'flat' bums but also add a little interest. Make sure that the front isn't too short though. It should be at least as long as the bottom of your hip.

5) Oversized sweaters that are cut straight are great shapes on you. If you carry quite a bit of weight around your tummy, look for jumpers that hang from the shoulder.

6) Don't be afraid of stripes because they can trick the eye. Horizontal stripes can be slimming especially if they are variegated. But generally any other detail on the bust and torso should be avoided.

7) If you are busty, opt for an open neckline.

8) Fine to medium weight knits are your friends. Try Merino wool. 9) Add a long scarf - it will give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and provide focus.

Jumpers featured from left to right: Celtic & Co, Principles at Debenhams, Wallis

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