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About Me

Hello, my name is Jo and I am delighted to be able to offer you a full range of personal style, colour and make-up services from my comfortable home studio in Oxfordshire.

A year after the birth of my second daughter I attended a colours party, and it totally changed my outlook and shopping habits and gave me back my confidence. 

I had found shopping increasingly difficult, unsure of what suited me or how I could make the most of myself. After the colours party I had a great time overhauling my wardrobe and shopping for new clothes, easily and with the knowledge that they would suit me and help me look my best. Instead of being a chore, shopping, dressing and applying make-up once again became an enjoyable experience.

The impact of knowing my colours had such a profound effect on me that I decided to train so that I too could have such a positive impact on others. Having previously worked as a Radiotherapist and then hospital manager across the NHS, I have a strong ethos of helping people. One of my core values is in connecting with and helping people feel better about themselves, so whilst personal styling might seem like a leap from the NHS at it's centre is that same passion to help.

I feel so fortunate that I now have a career that I am so passionate about and with which I can pass on my knowledge and skills to others. Now with 7 years experience of running my business, and having met hundreds of women during that time, I can quite happily say that I never get bored of passing on my knowledge and meeting new clients. Every person I work with has their own reasons for coming to see me and brings their own unique personality to our time together.


Rest assured that I always make sure that I keep up date with all things colour and style, by attending bi-annual conferences, online trainings and seminars as well as trawling the internet and shops so I know what is available to my clients. I am continually reviewing and developing my services so that I can offer the very best to my clients building on my expertise and passion to help.


I can't wait to spend time with you and show you what a difference wearing the right colours and styles can make, and how confident it will make you feel.

Jo at Colour with Confidence, Didcot, Oxford
Colour Analysis Oxfordshire
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