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Wardrobe Detox
Advanced Colour

Wardrobe detox


I'd love to help you sort out your wardrobe, but first.....have you had your colours done?! This is a requirement of this services because without an understanding of your colouring we have no basis on which to plan your wardrobe or buy anything new.

Book your colour analysis here

During a wardrobe detox I will help you put into practice what you have learnt during your previous session(s), to make sure that your wardrobe is full of clothes that will most flatter your body shape and colouring. We will work through your whole wardrobe to make sure that you are left with a streamlined collection of clothes that you will be able to wear with confidence, and which will make dressing and choosing clothes a quick and easy process.

Price: £175  (2- 3 hours, additional hours charged at £60ph)

Advanced Colour

This session is for you if you had your colours done a few months to a year or so ago and  you would like to know more. There is a lot of information to take in during your initial consultation and now that you have been living with your colours perhaps you have  questions, would like to dig down into your best colours more and find some new combinations?

During an advanced colour session I will introduce you to 5 new  colours and show you how to wear them with your current colours. We will also revisit  all your colours determine your absolute best from each colour group and look for new combinations. We can also look at make-up shades and review any items from your wardrobe that you are unsure about.

This is a flexible session to cover any colour questions you have.

Duration: up to 2 hours

Price: £135

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