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I run regular workshops throughout the year, in Colour and Make-up as well as collaborative photo sessions and one off events.

I love running workshops, because it was after attending a Colours Workshop in 2015 that I decided to train as a Colour & Style Consultant myself, and I've not looked back!

All my workshops are fun and informal and packed with content, you will get great value and loads of information.

Please note that once a workshop place is booked and paid for it is non refundable.

If you are unable to attend we will try and reschedule your session.

Express Colour

An Express Colours workshop is a great introduction to colour analysis, without the cost of a full individual colour analysis.

You will learn about your dominant colouring, based on your skin, eye and hair colour, and how to wear the colours in your pallete to make the most of your natural colouring.


I will drape you in some of your neutrals and colours so that you can see what works for you.


Everyone will get a guide to remind them of their colouring and how to wear their colours. 

Limited to 5 per session, £55 each, approximately 2 hours.

2024 Dates

17th May (Fri) 10.00 ** 3 spaces

June 6th (Thurs) 10.00 ** 2 Spaces

Sep 20th (Fri) 10.00

Nov 6th (Weds)  12.00 


Make-up Workshops

During a make-up workshop I will guide you through a full make-up, using flattering colours and make-up that will give you a long lasting look.


We will discuss how to apply make-up correctly and you will get the opportunity to practice applying the full range of Colour me Beautiful cosmetics.


You will have the opportunity to buy any of the products used so that you can recreate the look at home.


£35 each, approximately 1.5-2 hours

2024 Dates

1st July (Mon) 12.30 FULL

10th Oct (Thurs) 10.00

22nd Nov (Fri) 10.00

5th Dec (Thurs) 10 * Christmas sparkle & red lip £25

Combined Express Colour & Make-up Workshops

These are combined sessions to cover both dominant colouring, how to wear your colours and your complete make-up as well.

Each will run for 2-3 hours, 10am-1pm

£90 per person. Limited to 3 per session.

2024 Dates

Saturday 24th February FULL

Thursday 25th April

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Colourful Touch Photo Days

Working with Harriet Matthews Brand Photography, we offer 3 Packages to suit a range of Personal Brand Imagery requirements and what makes us different is everything from the colour on you to the colour around you is aligned so you look your best.

Colourful Touch Sessions are available to book on selected Fridays, at our studio location in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


Colourful Touch Headshot

20 minute session, £179



- a classic head and shoulders portrait on a coloured background in your best colours

- 2 edited high resolution photos

Colourful Touch Headshot +

40 minute session, £249



- a classic head and shoulders portrait on a coloured background in your best colours (as package above)

- plus a series of close up and wider angle shots with expression and personality in keeping with your personal brand

- 6 edited high resolution photos

Colourful Touch Mini Brand


60 minute session, £467


Includes a choice of:

- classic headshots on a coloured background 
- wider angle shots with expression and personality on a coloured background 
- shots using props and a particular set/space in the studio such as a desk, chair, sofa

- 12 edited high resolution photos

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