Brand Confidence Package


This is the package for you if you run your own business and;

  • Want to attract more clients

  • Are booked, or thinking about investing in a Brand Photoshoot

  • Want to design your own logo, website or presentations and need brand colours

The Brand Confidence Package contains two parts:

  1. Enhanced Colour Consultation: During this 2 hour face to face consultation we will work through your best colours and combinations, and whilst doing so will discuss how your colours can be used during your work. Combining colours in different ways can work to your advantage in business  i.e. for confidence or to create a calming environment. We will also look at colours and combinations that you can use in your branding, which will work for you, but will also appeal to your target audience. In addition to your 42 colour swatch wallet and guidance on how to wear your colours I will also teach you how to apply a natural and flattering make-up which can then be used to present your best self, in-person, on zoom and during your brand photoshoot.

  2. One to One planning time; This 1-2 hour session will take place at your home, and during I will be able to undertake a wardrobe review with you to put into place what you have learnt during your colour consultation and to prepare outfits for your work life or brand photoshoot.

Price of this package is £325 (Value of elements included is over £375)

* This package has been designed as a result of undertaking my own Brand Photoshoot, and the photographer I was working with exclaiming that she wished everyone was as prepared, on brand, and colour-aware as I was for my photoshoot. With this package I am striving for you to get the most from your investment, a brand photoshoot isn't cheap and the photos should be with you for many years, so it is crucial you get the look right prior to your shoot.

* I know, and trust, several Brand Photographers in Oxfordshire, please ask if you are looking for recommendations.