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Spring Update: Bags

A quick and easy way to update your wardrobe for the new season....

I'm all for refreshing our look with bags, shoes and accessories each season (one pair of shoes can instantly update many outfits, so it is very cost effective and kinder to the environment). A quick sweep of the high street indicates that bag trends are strong this spring.

Tip #1 - scale

Micro bags, slouchy totes and short strap shoulder bags are just some of the trends that are everywhere. But do you consider proportions when buying a new bag? Generally speaking a small bag will look more balanced on a petite frame and conversely, a larger bag will look better on a larger frame. Mix it up if you want to express your more dramatic side, or keep it in scale for a classic, natural look.

Tip #2 - Disguise a Tummy & Hips

You may instinctively reach for a cross body bag to cover up this area but avoid bulkier designs as they can draw attention. A traditional handbag with grab handles will draw the eye down and away from your tummy area.

For someone who is pear-shaped or is conscious of their hip area avoid shoulder bags that finish at your widest point. Look for a bag with shorter straps (or adjusts if possible) so that it finishes under your arm. This along with the way that you dress, will help to balance out your frame.

Tip #3-Big bust?

Avoid short straps and cross body bags as both will emphasis the bust area. Long straps will draw the eye away from your chest area, as will a grab handle.

Tip #4 - Tall?

You can use texture and print to break up your long, lean look. Rattan weave basket bags are perfect for adding interesting texture to your outfit. Avoid bags on long chains unless worn crossbody.

Tip #5 - Colour

I can't talk about choosing a bag without mentioning colour! Gone are the days when you could only buy a black, brown or navy handbag, now the possibilities are endless. If you have classic or natural style personality you are more likely to favour a neutral bag, but don't limit yourself, a coloured or metallic can really add a touch of style to an outfit. If you are more creative or dramatic then don't limit yourself to block colours, try to find interesting details, patchwork or animal print.

Whether you choose a colour or a neutral from your palette make sure that it will work with many outfits. For example a Clear may have a lot of strong shades such as black and navy in their wardrobe, a pop of red will work tremendously well and breathe new life into old outfits. A Soft whose wardrobe contains a lot of neutrals might like to try a soft blue or green to add interest without overwhelming their colouring.

Happy Spring Bag Shopping!

If you need advice to understand your style or colouring then do get in touch to book your spring consultation with me.

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