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Top 5 Summer Make-up Tips

Spring/summer is all about wearing lighter make-up for a barely-there look. Here are five easy switches that you can make to ensure you're season ready:

1) Hydrate inside and out. Drink more water and switch over to hydrating skincare products. Colour me Beautiful Age-Defying Facial Oil deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin and is fabulous for keeping everything fresh.

2) Swap out your heavier winter foundation for a lightweight tinted mosituriser. Let your natural glow shine through! If your face tans in summer you can mix up your lighter winter foundation with a slightly darker shade of tinted moisturiser, mix as much of each as you need to match your skin tone on the back of your hand and apply with a brush for an even long lasting finish.

3) Ditch the one tone bronzer for Colour me Beautiful Kaleidescope Bronzing Powder or a highlighter above the blush that finishes make-up with a delicate bronze veil and provides a natural glow.

4) Leave the black eye-liner in your make-up bag. Swap for a more flattering shade that is also summer appropriate. Choose your best colour whether that be Moss, Teal, Granite, Aubergine or Amethyst. .

5) A really easy way to update a summer outfit is to change your lipstick. Choose a flattering sheer or try a lip gloss in your best shade.

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