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Embracing the Black and Metallics Trend this Summer (2024)

When it comes to summer fashion, many people gravitate toward light colors, airy fabrics, and bright prints. But what if you prefer a darker aesthetic? Can you wear black and metallics in the summer without feeling out of place or overheating? The answer is a resounding yes! Here’s my guide to embracing black and metallics in the summer while keeping cool and looking stylish.

1. Take note of your colouring type As with all dressing the most important thing to do is take note of your colouring type and let that guide you: If you are cooler go for silver, if you are warmer you can go for golden tones and brass/bronze shades. Clears will look great in high shine, whilst softs need more muted or burnished meatllics. If you are light, soft or warm and want to wear black make sure it's away from your face and opt for a lighter fabric like linen which will soften the colour.

2. Choose Breathable Fabrics The key to wearing black in summer without overheating is to select fabrics that are breathable and lightweight. Look for natural fibers like cotton, linen, and rayon, which allow air to circulate and help keep you cool. Avoid heavy fabrics like wool or thick synthetics, as they can trap heat.

3. Keep It Loose Tight-fitting clothes can feel constricting in the summer heat. Opt for loose, flowy silhouettes that allow air to move freely. Maxi dresses, wide-leg trousers, and oversized shirts are all great choices. For metallic pieces, consider flowy skirts or breezy blouses with metallic accents.

4. Incorporate Metallic Accessories If you're not ready to commit to full metallic garments, consider incorporating metallic accessories into your summer wardrobe. A metallic belt, shoes, or a statement bag can add a touch of glamour without overwhelming your outfit. Gold and silver are classic choices, but rose gold, bronze, and copper can add warmth to your look.

5. Mix and Match One way to balance black and metallics in summer is to mix and match with lighter colors. A black top with white shorts or a metallic skirt with a pastel blouse creates contrast and keeps your outfit from feeling too heavy.

6. Embrace Minimalism Summer fashion often leans towards minimalism, and this works perfectly with black and metallics. Keep your outfit simple with clean lines and minimal accessories. A classic black jumpsuit with a metallic belt or a simple black dress with metallic sandals can be effortlessly chic.

7. Add a Pop of Color While black and metallics are the focus, adding a pop of color can elevate your summer look. A bright scarf, colorful earrings, or a bold lipstick can bring vibrancy to your outfit. This can also be a great way to transition your look from day to night.

Confidence is Key Ultimately, the best way to rock black and metallics in summer is with confidence. If you feel comfortable and love what you're wearing, it will show. Don't be afraid to experiment, especially if you have a dramatic or creative style personality.

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